Your Marketing and IT-related Services Partner

We provide marketing and IT-related services that lead to sustainable growth for our clients. These services include search engine optimization (SEO), web development, mobile app development, photography, video production and copywriting (in English and Spanish). Because sustainability and business continuity is important to maintain growth, we also provide cybersecurity protection and IT backup services to ensure that everything we build for our clients stays working and is safe from hackers.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) turns your website into a salesperson for your business. Professionally conducted SEO cultivates your message online and attracts those searching for your services on Google, Bing, Yahoo and social media channels. Clients come to Calipso for SEO services because they are looking to make their website a source of new leads for their business. Clients stick with us over time because we excel at delivering SEO services that accomplish that goal.

Web Development

In addition to promoting websites through SEO, our full-stack developers build new sites for businesses and organizations. Each website we build serves the purpose of driving new leads to our clients. Whether you are a business looking for new customers online, a professional looking to expand your business network, a charity looking for new and bigger donors or an organization that promotes a particular message, Calipso Business Development can produce a website that suits your needs.

Mobile App Development

Calipso’s team of full-stack developers builds applications for iOS and Android devices including phones and tablets. Client’s come to us when their organization seeks a software development partner to help them drive their business goals. We make apps for both consumers and employees and handle the process from conception to build to App Store / Google Play submission.


Images drive human decisions, so let Calipso’s creative team lead your organization’s messaging with professionally captured and edited photographic images. Our photography service includes the production of images to populate websites, apps and social media posts as well as printed material. Clients come to Calipso when they are seeking an expert product that reflects their organization’s level of sophistication and professionalism.

Video Production

Calipso’s passion for image-led marketing includes the creation of professionally produced corporate videos. Our creative team works with you to make your promotional vision a reality. The end result is then optimized for use on websites and social media profiles, live-streaming for events or TV.


Our creative team specializes in embodying our client’s core messaging in the written word. Our copywriting service, deliverable in both English and Spanish, can be used for SEO-enhancing blog writing, article writing, website copy or mobile app copy. We write for a wide variety of clients including politicians, law firms, psychotherapists and cafes.

Cyber Security

In today’s digital environment, anything you build must be protected. That’s why Calipso has partnered with experts within the cybersecurity space with the capabilities needed to defend our client’s websites and IT infrastructure from hackers, phishers, ransomware and malware.

IT Backup and Recovery

An important part of making sure our client’s succeed in a competitive market is ensuring that they have the ability to “bounce back” from cyberattacks, natural disasters and human error. That is why we use hosting services that back up our client’s websites and can seamlessly recover them in the case of a hack. In addition, we have partnered with managed IT companies that deliver IT systems back up to ensure our clients are still able to conduct business when hit by disaster or a cyberattack.

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