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What do they do?

SFL is a local (South Florida) law firm specializing in all aspects of real estate law. The law firm has the unique capacity to handle a high volume of transactions and matters and maintain attention to detail. The attorneys of SFL also excel at business matters beyond the scope of the typical real estate law firm.

Currently seeking:

Active real estate agents who can benefit from a go-to Title Insurance expert (SFL are also Title Agents). Any home or commercial property owner assessed for more tax than they feel they should have to pay.  SFL aggressively appeals real estate tax.

Stay tuned for:

With their new website fashioned by our CRD Lab and several campaigns being run by Calipso Marketing Analysts expect South Florida Law, PLLC to make some noise in the Miami-Dade and Broward real estate and business communities.

* Calipso Business Development runs marketing campaigns for and introduces prospects to South Florida Law PLLC. Since we are not lawyers, all legal advice and service is provided by SFL, ​not Calipso​. SFL does not pay Calipso any incentive pay or commissions beyond a flat fee for agreed services.

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