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Who are we?

We are Calipsophotography doing business as Calipso Business Development (Calipso). Our website is:

Calipso builds and promotes websites and mobile applications. We invite our website users to browse our services and educational topics related to web development, app development, search engine optimization, online lead generation and digital marketing. Guest users to our website may fill in a contact form or engage in other interactions in which they voluntarily provide a name, telephone number and email.  When we receive this information we may further solicit the guest user to provide personally identifiable information then decide why and how their personal information is processed. Our registered address is 784 NE 85th Street, #308 FL 33138. Calipsophotography is legally permitted to do business under the Calipso Business Development fictitious name and is a limited liability corporation registered in the US state of Florida.

What is a Privacy Policy?

Calipso takes your personal privacy seriously.

We are providing all users with this information as part of our commitment to compliance with the relevant data laws in certain world jurisdictions as well as our commitment to protecting your privacy. Read on to learn why we collect personal information about you, how this information is used, the conditions under which it may be disclosed to others and how it is kept secure.

This privacy policy is incorporated by reference in our Terms of Use. Calipso may provide additional, specific privacy information to you as you interact with the site in different ways (e.g. we may cease to include your information in our marketing or use only certain information for specific purposes). To the extent that any of that information differs from what we outline in this policy, those specific communications may apply.

This policy may change from time to time so please check this page occasionally to ensure that you’re satisfied with any updates to this policy. This policy was last updated on 6/11/22. 

What personal information can we know and retain about you?

When you use our website, our products or services, interact with us online, offline, by phone, email or otherwise, we may be given or otherwise collect personal information about you via:

any part of our website (including subdomains of that URL) 

our social media accounts including but not limited to third party sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, SnapChat, Reddit, TikTok and Twitter

any direct correspondence with us by phone, email, in person or other other means

This includes information provided by your web browser at the time of visiting as a guest user of our website; subscribing to the services and information we provide (such as a newsletter and special offers); posting content; participating in Calipso events and marketing campaigns; purchasing or requesting products or services from us; creating, using and managing your online account (or registering and using an account with any other Calipsophotography-owned website or those of our affiliated companies and third-party providers) and engaging in correspondence with us by phone, email, snail mail or other means. We may also ask you for information when you report a problem with our site. If you complete any surveys that we ask you to complete for any purpose, we will collect information in such circumstances as well.

The basic personal information we may ask for, receive from your browser, or you may choose to give us, includes your name, user type, IP address, device type, geographic location, your address, email address, phone number and interests. We may retain details of any inquiry you make with us and records of any correspondence from you as well. In the course of our interaction we may also ask for or you may volunteer, other information for specific purposes.  In some cases, this may include sensitive personal information; referral information related to your acquaintances friends and family to which you may be making a referral and information including your opinions and experiences related to our products and services which we use to inform our service provision, site layout, site content, policies, strategies, business lines and business practices. 

What transaction-specific data will Calipso retain about you?

As a general guideline, Calipso will only solicit or collect information needed to perform a relevant function or service and not exceed reasonable guidelines of privacy when doing so.  Such information typically includes details of transactions you carry out through the site, the number and duration of your visits to our site, and your component to our overall traffic data, location data, content views and other resources you access.

What are cookies and how do we use them to retain information about you?

Cookies, in the web-related sense of the word, are small messages that we send to your browser when you visit our site or take certain actions or interact with our content.  Your browser may save these messages on your devices’ hard drive or solid state drive as text in a file usually called cookie.txt.  Your browser may be programmed by default to then pass that information back to us or to other sites when you visit us again or browse other parts of the Internet.

We use cookies to automatically collect metadata, which is mostly technical and anonymous information collected by server-based software for statistical purposes.  To do this, we identify you by your internet protocol (IP) address a numerical string that connects your the device you use to access our website, your browser type and version, time zone setting, browser plug-in types and versions, the operating system of your device and other similar information. 

How can you expect these cookies to be used?

Like many other websites on the Internet, the Calipso website uses cookies to obtain an overall view of visitor habits and visitor volumes to our website. This is because cookies help us to recognize you and give you a more personalized experience

It is possible to switch off cookies by going to the settings or preferences tab in your browser software.  You may also remove existing cookies and then avoid visiting the sites that placed them on your browser in the first place. 

If you accept and consent to our use of cookies and continue to use our site and if you opt-in to receive any communications from us, we will interpret your decision as consent to be subscribed in our email, text and phone communications.

These communications are used for marketing purposes and delivery of transaction receipts. If you do not complete a purchase and have not indicated that you would prefer otherwise, we may also use our communication system to remind you about your incomplete purchase.

From time to time, we may at our discretion ask you to refresh your marketing preferences by asking you to confirm that you want to continue receiving marketing information from us.  You may also be prompted to re-consent to our Privacy Policy and our use of cookies.

You can amend your marketing preferences at any time by following the simple electronic instructions in our emails and texts to unsubscribe, stopping use of the Calipso website and writing to us via email to remove all of your personally identifiable information from our servers at the contact details at the beginning and end of this Privacy Policy.

How have you given us permission to collect such personal information and include you in our metadata?

When you consent to continuing to use the Calipso website or agree to the blanket terms of those internet platforms on which we have directory listings and social media profiles you agree to submit this information, you confirm that it is true and correct and that you will not provide us with any information which constitutes personal data unless you have ensured that you have obtained all necessary third-party consents or other legal justification and/or provided any required notices to the data you provide or that you are otherwise permitted to provide such information to us, so that we can use it for the purposes and on the bases set out in this Privacy Policy.

Why do we collect this data from you and other Internet users?

We use this information as part of the legitimate interest we have as a business to improve the quality of our products and customer service, the quality of our users’ web browsing experience measuring the effectiveness of our marketing efforts and building the relevance and authority of our website in search engine listings among other similar websites operating in our respective areas of commercial focus.

We also use this information from time to time to verify the accuracy of data that we hold about you, to create a better understanding of you as a current or potential customer of Calipso, to most effectively customize your web experience and the services or products we offer you, to correspond or communicate with you most effectively via email newsletters or text messages or phone calls, to inform you about events or recipes related to our products, to conduct research and to compile management information and to follow-up complaints or claims that you and other may have made.

We also rely on visitor intelligence to more effectively fulfill online delivery and ensure security and anti-fraud measures that benefit all of our users and our business.

Do third parties have access to my information?

Yes.  While we are primarily the business entity that will make use of your data, there are several ways in which third parties regularly access some or all of the data we collect on you and use such data to further the specific goals and objectives of their own organizations.

Governments and Political Subdivisions. We will actively share and provide your personal  information and metadata pertaining to you in order to comply with our legal obligations to assist any law enforcement authority or criminal investigation body within our legal jurisdiction of the United States of America, the US State of Florida and Miami-Dade County;

Marketing and Technology companies. Google, Facebook and other third party technology companies and organizations that Calipso has under contract to provide our website, hosting, administration and digital marketing infrastructure and related services

Employees and Executives of Calipsophotography working directly or indirectly with the Calipso brand.

Contract Administrators. Administrative service providers that work with Calipsophotography as non-employee contractors with active Non-Disclosure Agreements in force may have from time to time direct and indirect access to the data you provide us up to and including personally identifiable information. 

You may withdraw your consent for us to use your information in any of these ways at any time. Please see the section below on withdrawing your consent for further details.

Is the private information that is retained by Calipso being held outside of your home country or territory?

Potentially. The information you provide to us will be held in servers based inside the United States of America (USA) and may be otherwise accessible to terminals outside the European Economic Area (EEA). By way of example, this may happen where any of our servers or those of our third party service providers are from time to time located in a country outside of the EEA or the USA. These countries may not have similar data protection laws to the USA or the EEA. Where possible, we have made reasonable efforts to comply with privacy guidelines that are compliant with those in the EEA and the state of California in the USA.

While our best efforts are being made to protect your data, we make no guarantees that cyber attacks, social engineering or other security breaches that affect your personal data will not occur.  IF YOU HAVE RESERVATIONS ABOUT THE DATA SECURITY LIMITATIONS OUTLINED IN THIS POLICY YOU MAY TERMINATE YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH CALIPSO BY CONTACTING US IN WRITING WITH THE DETAILS BELOW AND ADVISING US TO SCRUB OUR DATABASE OF YOUR INFORMATION AND YOU MAY OPT NOT TO VISIT OUR WEBSITE AGAIN.

How long will Calipso keep your information on file?

We do not retain personal information in an identifiable format for longer than is necessary to ensure we can deliver our services adequately. We generally consider seven years from the last known interaction with you to be an appropriate and reasonable retention period for such data. 

Unfortunately, the transmission of information via the Internet is not completely secure and we rely on quality third-party suppliers for web hosting, digital communications and other services.  These third-party organizations may retain your data for indefinite periods of time, including data in a personally identifiable format.. 

What can you do as a user to protect your own privacy?

Our website may occasionally contain links to other websites run by other organizations. It is important to know that this policy does not apply to those other websites so we encourage you to read their privacy statements. We cannot be responsible for the privacy policies and practices of other websites even if you access them using links on the Calipso site or in Calipso-provided content (like an email newsletter, text message, social post or PDF download). In addition, if you linked to our website from a third party website, we cannot be responsible for the privacy policies and practices of the owners and operators of that third-party website and recommend that you read the policy of that third-party website.

All Calipso users may at any time follow our simple electronic instructions to unsubscribe from our email newsletter, stop text messages and stop visiting our website.  You may also contact at any time in writing via with written instructions to scrub our database of your personally identifiable information. Doing so will within seven (7) days result in your data being removed from our database and your unsubscribing from any future email or text message communications.

Complaining to the US Data Protection Regulator

We’d like to be able to resolve all your concerns, and we hope that we can do so. Where we haven’t been able to do this, you have the right to complain to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). Please visit the FCC website for further details:

We may review this Privacy Policy from time to time and any changes will be notified to you by posting an updated version on our website. We recommend that you regularly check for changes and review this policy whenever you visit our website. If you do not agree with any aspect of the updated policy you must immediately notify us and cease using the website. WE INTERPRET CONTINUED USE OF THE CALIPSO SITE AS ACTIVE CONSENT TO BE SUBJECT TO ITS TERMS OF USE AND ACTIVE AGREEMENT WITH THE DETAILS OF THE CURRENT VERSION OF THIS PRIVACY POLICY.

Questions, comments and requests regarding this privacy policy are welcome.

If you wish to write to us or request removal of all of your personally identifiable information from our database, please write to us at:


784 NE 85th Street #308

Miami, FL 33138

United States of America

Our email address for data protection queries is

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